Threat Database Rogue Websites is a mostly empty website. That is not surprising when you consider that its sole reason for existing is to conduct a popular browser-based tactic and deliver dubious advertising materials to the affected systems and their visitors. First, the site determines whether to show questionable content on its own page or trigger redirects to other similarly untrustworthy third-party sites. The basis of this decision is depended on the visitor's geolocation. obtains this information by analyzing the device's IP address.

While it is doing all this, also could try to trick the user into subscribing to its push notification services. By showing misleading messages, the site attempts to lure any visitor into clicking the 'Allow' button. One possible scenario that has been observed to run is to pretend that it is carrying out a CAPTCHA check for bots. Users will see an image of a robot accompanied with a variation of the following message:


This is a trap. Anyone who clicks the button will enable to start an intrusive advertising campaign. By exploiting the newly acquired browser permissions, the site will deliver dubious advertisements to the screen of the device. The advertisements should be approached with the same level of caution as any other content delivered by, as they could lead to untrustworthy places such as other online tactics, phishing pages and more. 


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