CapitaSearch is a browser hijacker that offers computer users methods of supposedly searching the Internet. The CapitaSearch component may be loaded on a PC where it will cause unwanted actions and may modify Internet settings within a web browser application.

The modification of settings through CapitaSearch could affect how one surfs the Internet where it may change the default home page or new tab page to load something questionable. Moreover, CapitaSearch may pose a security risk as it may collect data via website cookies or other information transferred through popular web browser applications, including the location of a computer user.

CapitaSearch is unwanted and proves to be unnecessary for its alleged web browsing and search features. Most computer users will want to promptly remove CapitaSearch from their system where it may have installed automatically from a third-party bundled software app or freeware. Removal of CapitaSearch may be accomplished automatically using an antimalware tool.


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