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'Calendar' Virus

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'Calendar' Virus is a popular term used to describe a browser hijacking tactic, which targets the users of iOS devices exclusively. The tactic is executed in a simple manner, and the con artists behind it only need one piece of information – the email address tied to your Apple account. Once they have this, they can send calendar events to your inbox, and they will show up in your default 'Calendar' app. Needless to say, the fraudsters abuse this feature to flood the calendar with events that promote shady websites, products and services. Their bogus calendar notifications may display fake virus alerts and warnings, which try to scare the users into subscribing to fake security products and services.

Often, the events linked to the 'Calendar' Virus promote low-quality websites. Some of the common domains that users are asked to visit are,,,, Biogrammad,club,, and others. All of these pages contain schemes or fraudulent content, which you should not interact with.

While the 'Calendar' Virus issue has been resolved in recent iOS updates, older devices users may still suffer from this annoying issue. One way to avoid it is to keep your Apple account email private, but there is an alternative, in case it is too late for this. You can configure your 'Calendar' application only to accept events from certain sources, or use a 3rd-party as an alternative to Apple's default 'Calendar.'


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