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Bozewerkers Ransomware

Bozewerkers is a threatening ransomware variant that encrypts data on infected devices and appends the '.givemenitro' extension to filenames. The Bozewerkers Ransowmare also changes the desktop wallpaper and displays a ransom note with instructions for the victims in a pop-up window. The Bozewerkers Ransomware has been identified as a variant of the Nitro Ransomware, which is another potent malware threat.

What are the Demands of the Bozewerkers Ransowmare?

The Bozewerkers Ransomware tries to extort a payment of $5500 in Bitcoins from its victims. However, only transfers made using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency will supposedly be accepted by the threat actors. The ransom note of the malware provides a BTC wallet address and two usernames ('@Siilenced' and '@Palmbomen') for victims to contact using the social media platform Telegram. Victims must pay the ransom within a certain period or risk losing their data permanently.

How to Prevent Infections from Threats Like the Bozewerkers Ransomware

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to protect against threatening attacks, but there are several steps that you can take to reduce their influence and minimize the impact malware can have on your devices.

  1. Perform Data Backups Regularly

The simplest way to protect yourself from ransomware is by regularly backing up your data. This allows you to access a copy of your files even if they become encrypted or corrupted by an attack. Make sure all data backups are stored offsite or on cloud storage that is not connected to your network.

  1. Stay Alert for Phishing Tactics

Phishing tactics are often used by attackers as part of a ransomware attack campaign, as they often rely on users clicking corrupted links or opening vulnerable attachments that contain the malware code needed for an attack. It is crucial to learn how to spot suspicious emails and avoid following the instructions found inside, no matter how urgent they may seem.

  1. Update Patches Automatically

It's crucial that you keep software programs updated with the latest security patches as soon as possible after they're released by the vendor – this means an attacker cannot exploit any vulnerabilities found in older versions that have now been fixed. You can configure most computer operating systems to install updates automatically so that no manual effort is necessary.

The message shown to victims of the Bozewerkers Ransomware is:

'Oops your files are encrypted

Your pc has been encrypted by team Bozewerkers.
Please pay a amount of 5500 dollars in BTC to get your files back and ur pc.
You can contact us on telegram @Siilenced and discord BLOCK

Fill in the code you bought "dont try to guess bcs then ur pc is f***ked in a instant

@Siilenced @Palmbomen



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