bloom.exe Miner

bloom.exe Miner Description

The bloom.exe executable file is associated with a Trojan. More specifically, the threat falls into the category of coin miner Trojans - harmful threats designed to take over the hardware resources of the breached machine and utilize them for the generation of coins belonging to a particular cryptocurrency. The actions of these malware depend on the goals of the attackers.

Indeed, some miners are designed to monitor the overall level of CPU and GPU usage and halt their own actions if the users are running resource-intensive tasks on the system. These threats can remain on the user's computer for a prolonged time, by being active during periods of low activity. On the hand, some miners operate with total disregard of the user's actions. As a result, the CPU and GPU utilization could spike to more than 90%, leaving the whole computer struggling to perform even basic tasks, such as opening a new window or playing a video.

Users also should keep in mind that letting their hardware run under such pressure for long periods could have serious consequences. The CPU and GPU could start generating excess amounts of heat. If the cooling system of the device is not able to handle the drastic temperature rise, it could lead to emergency shutdowns or damage the hardware parts.