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Bloody Stealer

New stealer malware is being offered for sale on underground hacker forums. Named Bloody Stealer, the threat is capable of harvesting details from compromised computer systems and exfiltrating them. The hackers offer Bloody Stealer as a subscription for 700 RUB per month or as a single payment of 3000 RUB that comes with lifetime service.  

Bloody Stealer is written using the C# programming language and its size is between 500KB and 800KB. Once established onto the victim's device and can execute a wide set of harmful functions. The stealer can obtain system details such as the IP address, geolocation, username as well as chosen files. Bloody Stealer can affect all of the most popular gaming clients such as Steam, Gog, Epic Games Launcher, Origin, and Bethesda. The Telegram platform is also among its targets. 

The authors of the threat that go under the iWantOrders Telegram account offer their potential clients the ability to tweak the build of Bloody Stealer to better match their particular nefarious needs. At the same time, they promise at least some measures against tracking software such as sniffer programs that might be deployed by the targeted victim. 


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