Bloodhound.W32.1 Description

Bloodhound.W32.1 is a file infecting worm that may hinder the performance of a computer system. Once Bloodhound.W32.1 has accessed a system it may locate itself in the system memory and begin to spread through existing shared networks. Bloodhound.W32.1 may download other dangerous parasites onto a compromised PC. If you detect Bloodhound.W32.1 on your PC, remove it as soon as possible.

Aliases: Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.SuspiciousPE.F [McAfee-GW-Edition], PAK_Generic.009 [TrendMicro], PCK/ExeCryptor [AntiVir], Heur.Pck.EXECryptor [Comodo], PUA.Packed.EXECryptor [ClamAV], WS.Reputation.1 [Symantec], Trojan.DL.Win32.Mnless.vx, Trojan.Generic, Trojan/Win32.Trojan Horse [AhnLab-V3], Not_a_virus:KeyLogger.4608, Virus/Win32.Xorer.gen [Antiy-AVL], TROJ_Generic, Trojan/W32.Agent.4608.AJ, Generic12.BEID [AVG] and Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.Suspicious.J [McAfee-GW-Edition].

Technical Information

File System Details

Bloodhound.W32.1 creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %LOCALAPPDATA%\d3davilibrary\d3davilibrary.dll 69,632 126f4ae9594a58ac7d1aa58aae61fdc1 102
2 %LOCALAPPDATA%\ctlodbcmulti\ctlodbcmulti.dll 69,632 2be5ee1d1a1b68e8ff5f2de360cadbc9 62
3 %APPDATA%\download2\svcnost.exe 49,162 7976b0dfb6d675eedeed226b54e54ae9 16
4 %WINDIR%\system32\svchost.exe:ext.exe 48,128 ef7f63bd5c74aafea93b15f8e131e9a1 14
5 %PROGRAMFILES%\MZA\Smart\ActivationCRK.exe 619,008 e8c8d3a7d962351613082ab01ac96d82 12
6 %PROGRAMFILES%\Printer Activity Monitor1\PrinterMon.exe 1,005,568 972a7a1157bbd88ce0355f0fb8cc737f 11
7 %WINDIR%\WHidePro\whpro.exe 4,608 8ddd4045e82038d14fe5671a4148c955 4
8 iifcCsSi.dll 45,568 079612542f43953cda5dafec950e950f 0
9 firewall.exe 61,440 78b3291d64ee2a18c447b89a86dae20a 0
10 comapi.dll 102,400 4532be8f215a34ec280694844e165c58 0
11 amvo1.dll 72,192 5feae24ed5af4a032afdbcdd75826e5b 0
12 nnnkKASL.dll 39,936 e0ba43f8dc2dc522c35f28d6a67f820c 0
13 hgGxUoOG.dll 45,568 05e686ab68d008ea0aef198a2d2ac5a6 0
14 mljhFuTn.dll 57,344 2becf3bf651d1744b5b5d9c04e400fe0 0
15 winlock.exe 1,802,985 6e94a82fc83bdc050dd3e871285c6826 0
16 DIL3E5.tmp 8,192 2d9619b79fc727029feb2a750461aa07 0
17 bibudoo.exe 189,952 6899cf221e985bc77a3724d68e349322 0
18 msconfig.exe 559,616 1423d7f248df826835a0efb3dfd7c316 0
19 wanps.exe 87,672 5f90a89b6dc7b269c70a4e26e3c4d849 0
20 wsivs.exe 82,040 ec466aca21d17646d291e8bf52529d75 0
21 ctfmon.exe 280,064 4d8f528130819de162440354e97d9ea7 0
22 winlogon32.exe 26,624 3ea1c6c77c24ea968f5cfcff3b1e0238 0
23 mspdb22.dll 50,176 eb1682a3b67f82dd66a17f6b5007fcbe 0
24 fyphmedqaf.exe 16,384 a2385047288aca47ddfb925cb0d99f20 0
25 protectgb.exe 443,392 04459ffe381e8bea196cf9f5b33f9c9b 0
26 UpdateExplorer.dll 346,112 ca61d282abf67183964097664e0941af 0
27 MSWINSCK.exe 417,792 e58a7178a9767bb9749bb5550745d495 0
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