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The BizarreHall browser extension is associated with the entertainment service at, which is said to deliver notifications for viral content to your browser window. The content provided via BizarreHall is supposed to be safe and appropriate for all ages. However, the app itself is an ad-supported product, and it may show adult-rated content based on your Internet history and recently downloaded files. You might want to know that the BizarreHall extension is a clone of Fooriza (by and Polimva (by The websites for BizarreHall appears to be operated by the same company behind the Search Anonymo riskware and the browser hijacker judging by the address listed on Computer security researchers note that the IP address of is used by, which is a redirect-gateway to The app may change your new tab settings and empower your new tab with features from

BizarreHall is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), which may manifest on the browser's navigation bar as a small icon colored in white and blue. Clicking on the BizarreHall icon may show a pop-up window with images, video, and links to third-party sites. You should take into consideration that the BizarreHall extension does not allow users to customize the news feed loaded in the pop-up window. The customization process is automated and uses data such as your recent search keywords on Google, downloads log and Internet history. If BizarreHall changes your new tab to, you may benefit from an integrated search bar powered by You may want to read the terms of use on and, as well as the documentation on and associated with the BizarreHall service. If you are not comfortable with BizarreHall sending data to advertisers and downloading tracking cookies on your PC—use a trustworthy anti-malware tool to erase it from your system.

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