Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Users who browse shady websites when they are looking for videos, especially, are likely to come across the page. The creators of the page have only one goal – to promote a fraudulent update for the Adobe Flash Player. Usually, to trick their visitors into applying the supposed update, dodgy websites like the page would claim to host an engaging video that the users can only view if they update their Adobe Flash Player. It would seem that the admins of the site are targeting Mac users mainly.

Propagates Potentially Unwanted Programs

Despite the claims of the authors of this shady Web page, the update they are offering is not legitimate, and it is likely that users who fall for this trick will install a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) on their machines. According to some reports, after the users install the software the site offers, they would end up with an application called Advanced Mac TuneUp. Other users who have installed the software offered by the operators of the site report that they found an application named SearchItNow present on their computers. Anti-malware tools classify both these applications as PUPs. The fake Advanced Mac TuneUp application tends to present users with bogus reports regarding their Mac's health and their data's security. This is a common trick used by creators of dodgy anti-malware tools. The goal of the Advanced Mac TuneUp application is to convince the user to pay for an anti-virus subscription that is meant to resolve the issues present on the system. The users who installed the SearchItNow application state that this software changed their Web browser settings without their consent. This ensures that whenever the user attempts to search, they would be redirected to a website called

Users who have installed software from the website are advised to have a reputable anti-malware solution and use it to run a scan on their systems. The anti-virus tool will help you detect and remove any PUPs or other potentially harmful applications that may be present on your computer.


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