The website is likely luring in visitors by promising them engaging and unique content. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than an empty promise as the page does not host any content. It is simply designed to trick users into giving the page permission to display Web browser notifications.

As soon as the user launches the site, they will be asked to follow the instructions on the page. To view the content that the site supposedly hosts, the users are required to click on the 'Allow' button they are displayed with. However, instead of providing the users with access to the promised content, clicking on the 'Allow' button will permit the page to send them push-notifications via their Web browser. This may not seem to be a problem, but the site will spam you with unwanted advertisements via your Web browser notifications relentlessly. Closing your Web browser will not help you either – this annoying website will continue to flood you with advertisements via push-notifications regardless. Avoid clicking on the advertisements linked to the activity of the site as they may be promoting unsafe products and fake services.

If the website is spamming you with advertisements via your Web browser notifications, you can revoke the permission you have given it using your system's settings.