The BearClod malware is identified as yet another ‘clicker’ threat targeting Android devices exclusively. There are a growing number of Android threats as this is, by far, the most popular mobile OS worldwide. The BearClod threat appears to be present on more than 40 Android applications. Unfortunately, the creators of the BearClod threat have managed to penetrate the defenses of the Google Play Store, as all these applications are to be found on the official platform associated with Android software. So far, it would appear that the BearClod threat has managed to compromise over 10 million devices all around the globe.

Thankfully, unlike other clicker threats that subscribe their victims to pricey services, the BearClod threat spawns unwanted advertisements, while the targets are using their devices. Users who have the BearClod malware present on their devices may notice a sudden spike in the number of advertisements they are viewing. The BearClod threat also is known to install third-party applications on the compromised host. If the BearClod malware is installed on your device, you do not need to worry about the security of your data. However, having this threat present on your Android device may not only mean constant advertisement spam but also a decreased battery life. The BearClod threat may end up draining your device’s battery because it would run in the background to make sure it spawns advertisements whenever you are using your device.

Make sure you remove the BearClod malware from your device using a genuine Android anti-virus application. Also, be very wary when you download applications in the future, as not all applications hosted on the Google Play Store are trustworthy.


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