By GoldSparrow in Malware

Beapy is a file-based worm that is used by criminals to miner cryptocurrency and is targeting Asia-based organizations located in China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and North Korea mainly, instead of private computer owners. Other targets of Beapy have been Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Jamaica and the U.S. currently. The first activities of Beapy have been detected in January 2019. However, since then, it has been more active increasingly. A crypto-mining threat can interfere on the computer's performance by using almost all its resources, also making the machine irresponsive and diminishing its life span.

Additionally, it can cause money loss to the machine's owner since the gathered cryptocurrency will be sent to the criminal' wallet. Beapy is using an invasion method that, although new, has been used before by other threats. It sends a corrupted email to someone that works for the targeted organization pretending to be from a trusted sender and, when the unsuspecting employee opens the email, Beapy will enter the computer. Beapy first action will be to open a backdoor from where it can infect the full network. Threats like Beapy also can invade a computer using vulnerabilities on the system, and this is why it is paramount to keep any software installed on a machine always up-to-date, have an anti-malware software running 24/7 and know all the tactics been used by threats to gain access to a computer.


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