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'BBVA' Email Virus

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The 'BBVA' email virus is a brand-new hacking campaign that goes after a Spanish bank called Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. This bank has branches in Spain, South and North America, Romania and Turkey. The goal of the hacking campaign is to collect the banking details of BBVA customers. To achieve this, the attackers are using phishing emails.

The hacking group behind this attack sends targeted users emails that contain corrupted attachments. The affected computer user would receive an email that contains a ZIP file called 'Facturas Pagadas al Vencimiento.' The corrupted file is designed to appear as an invoice that needs to be reviewed immediately. The sense of urgency is due to the fact that the attachment may appear as an invoice regarding an unauthorized payment made by the user's account. To make the email seem legitimate, the attackers have appropriated the logo and style of BBVA. The authors of the 'BBVA' email virus campaign have put a fair bit of effort into polishing this tactic as well as they can.

If the users open the corrupted ZIP file, they will trigger the installation and execution of a threatening infostealer called Agent Tesla. This threat operates rather silently, and unless you have a modern anti-virus software protecting your computer, you may not even realize that your system had been compromised.

It is likely that the 'BBVA' email virus targets mainly Spanish and South American users, as the email is written in Spanish entirely. If you are BBVA client, you should be very careful, as you may be targeted by the fraudsters behind the 'BBVA' email virus. Make sure your PC is protected by a reputable anti-malware suite.


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