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Ranking: 13,965
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 3
First Seen: June 28, 2023
Last Seen: July 27, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows presents itself as a platform that provides Amazon product testing opportunities. However, there are legitimate suspicions that this website operates as a scam. Upon visiting the site, several factors contribute to this skepticism. Firstly, the website exhibits a simple design and lacks transparency regarding its operations and affiliations. Furthermore, a notable red flag is the absence of any positive reviews or testimonials from users who have supposedly benefited from their services.

A significant cause for concern arises when clicking the 'APPLY NOW' button on the website. Instead of proceeding to a genuine application process, users are redirected to This redirect is highly suspicious and raises doubts about the credibility and intentions of The site appears to require the completion of multiple deals in order to claim a reward, adding to the skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of the entire process.

Numerous Red Flags Surround the Site

The website presents an apparently effortless method to earn money as an Amazon product tester. However, upon closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that the site lacks crucial information. There is a troubling absence of details regarding the program's administrators, the origin of the products, and the testing procedures.

Furthermore, the website fails to provide any information regarding the potential earnings for testers or the frequency of receiving test products. This lack of transparency raises doubts about the program's legitimacy and suggests the possibility of a scam.

Another concerning aspect is the absence of information regarding the types of products that testers will receive. Despite claiming to offer a diverse range of products, there is no indication of what those products might be. This omission means that testers may unknowingly sign up to evaluate products that hold no interest to them or that they lack the qualifications to assess properly.

Notably, lacks any links to additional pages or external websites. Legitimate websites typically include links to pages such as 'About Us,' 'Contact Us,' and 'Privacy Policy.' The absence of such links is highly unusual and casts doubt on the website's legitimacy. This lack of links complicates the process of verifying the identity of the website's operators and raises concerns about the credibility of their claims. In conclusion, the absence of links to other pages serves as further evidence that is an untrustworthy website, urging users to exercise caution when evaluating any offers or opportunities presented on the site.

Interacting with may Trigger Unwanted Redirects

Upon clicking the 'APPLY NOW' button on, users are likely to be redirected through several sites, ultimately landing on It is worth noting that the initial redirection takes them to, which is an untrustworthy website. The subsequent redirection leads to

Upon reaching the page, an immediate pop-up window emerges, proclaiming, 'You've been selected to choose from our Premium Rewards! Get my reward.' If users choose to click 'Get my reward,' the pop-up window closes, redirecting them to a page displaying four tiles, each representing a different reward option.

These rewards include a $750 cash account credit, a $100 Walmart gift card, a $75 Amazon gift card, or $50 deposited into their PayPal account. Should users click on any of the 'Go' buttons to claim a specific offer, they are redirected yet again to another site, which mandates the completion of various deals as a prerequisite for obtaining the reward. These deals may encompass mobile games and apps, subscription products and services, free trials, and other similar offers.

Upon evaluation, it becomes apparent that the entire redirection process and the subsequent reward-claiming process seem designed to coerce users into completing offers or divulging personal information rather than providing a genuine opportunity to become an Amazon product tester.

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