Baro box

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 15,302
Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 34
First Seen: August 26, 2022
Last Seen: July 4, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Baro box is a dubious browser extension that is being promoted via questionable websites. When installed, the application quickly reveals its true nature - that of a browser hijacker. These intrusive applications are created specifically to take control of users' Web browsers. The goal is to promote a sponsored address and drive artificial traffic toward it.

Browser hijackers will typically modify the affected browser's homepage, new tab page and default search engine. As a result, whenever users launch the browser, open a new tab, or use the URL bar to initiate a search, they would immediately be redirected to the sponsored Web address. In the case of the Baro box, the redirects will take users to an unfamiliar search engine at '' 

This Web address belongs to a fake search engine. What this means in practice, is that the engine is incapable of producing results on its own. Users' search queries will be further redirected to before taking results from either Google or Bing. However, some fake search engines could display results from dubious sources and users might be displayed low-quality search results filled with sponsored advertisements. 

To maintain its presence in the system, the Baro box establishes a persistence mechanism that makes its removal more complicated. Furthermore, the application could be equipped with data-tracking capabilities, which is a common functionality observed in many PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Users risk having their browsing activities monitored, the obtained information packaged and then transmitted to a remote server. 


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