Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor.Bot.x creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 wtime32.dll 978888892a1ed13e94d2fcb832a2a6b5 67
2 rescue.vbe 58a42692d510bb8a7d371bf775609c0c 25
3 84e67a4d5184ebcdd3b01d7c4d655da46b1f6adace6ba542e77846020db6aba9.exe 2cdb303beea44434aec848060a2cace1 8
4 lddoggwu.exe c47b43a2bbe5933b34f032a76b0eb169 1
5 03d5ab7aa45fae7a98a022f17482165e51808972a09215861e840ce1442ad389.exe 81e1a7583ca22eea386081d189a38ba8 0
6 27306b764f443608b98e56a40295a15c82daea392beb284fe012b63451a2d410.exe 134cfa278c53d13db5ecc8f3572d8cb6 0
7 51caea315d34dc43adeaa28af4b97a474dc22a2b072533909722407e28e6c886.exe dbac5d9f96359c62115fa81e19c107b3 0
8 7c310e8bab70b25e0917a15f6d2069e2d546f7c53e1ef95501577a5774e1d33f.exe c1da834c0990b1936497fdc78f3e6722 0
9 860c724a649a2eb77cfc33fb33c0fe04de873e51e7627ee7fdc262daa5aead51.exe d4656ba916cb629e7ffbafcafa4f0c54 0
10 8bbeae6ef256c0c6b4690d1ec5522cc6f924a5b6d0ec527d1590d528efb39fcc.exe 59d99b768da0f57623406cba87747ea2 0
11 ee27a06de0aceb9cffcc5a6bc34769c1a3d4daed56d0c37e5c170a7be0bffcff.exe 24e90cf95b0d18a3b0ae45215d37e427 0
12 file.exe 6963518448cec402c1e05a52a3d20d84 0
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