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Axzyte Ransomware

Despite its name, the Axzyte Ransomware does not fall in the category of ransomware threats. This is a bogus threat, which is meant to resemble a file-locking Trojan, but in fact, has nothing to do with genuine ransomware threats. Most data-encrypting Trojans would sneak into your system, scan your files, encrypt them, and then extort you. Sometimes, less competent ill-minded actors fail to add a functioning encryption module. However, in the case of the Axzyte Ransomware, its creators have not attempted to add such a feature at all.

What is the Main Goal of Ransomware Developers

Usually, the cyber crooks who build ransomware threats have only one thing in mind as an end goal – cash. This is not the case with the Axzyte Ransomware. The creators of the Axzyte Ransomware are not in it for cash but for fame. In their ransom message, they demand that the victim subscribes to their YouTube channel named ‘Axzyte New Production,’ which has about 100 subscribers currently, proving that their operation has not been very successful so far. Furthermore, the authors of the Axzyte Ransomware ask the victim to go to the YouTube channel of what appears to be a rival of the attackers and not only dislike their videos but also report the channel so it would potentially be taken down.

Luckily, the Axzyte Ransomware will not Harm Your Files

It is always best to ignore the requests of ill-minded actors like the creators of the Axzyte Ransomware. There is no need to comply with their demands, especially having in mind that your files are safe and the Axzyte Ransomware has no real means of damaging any of your data. Despite the Axzyte Ransomware not causing any damage to your system, keep in mind that another time you may not be so in luck and a genuine file-locking Trojan may end up encrypting all your data. This is why it is crucial to obtain a reputable anti-virus solution, which will keep your PC safe in the future.


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