AweCleaner is one of the numerous utility suites claiming to clean up macOS systems and improve their performance. Like other similar software, AweCleaner doesn’t have any significant functionality over what the user can do with macOS's native tools.

AweCleaner includes a startup manager. This component has no advantages over the manager integrated in macOS. The original tool Apple integrates in its operating system can be accessed in System Preferences and give the user the same control over their startup items. It could be argued that it offers more control because it would allow the user to disable AweCleaner on startup, whereas AweCleaner will not.

The lack of useful features alone doesn’t make AweCleaner malware. There is no evidence the program endangers the security of the machine it runs on. Still, a number of the most popular antivirus software suites detect AweCleaner as a PUP (short for a Potentially Unwanted Program). This label is very accurate and it is applied to exactly this type of application.

AweCleaner can be downloaded from its own website but it can also come in bundles with other applications. Fortunately, removing AweCleaner isn’t complicated. Most security solutions will be fully capable of uninstalling AweCleaner. Even without the use of other applications, most users will be able to remove it without too much trouble. All the user has to do is open Force Quit Applications, find AweCleaner and force quit. After that the user can follow the usual process of uninstalling an app from a Mac.

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