Avoid-error.com is a deceptive website that relies on scare tactics to trick users into installing a promoted application. There are countless hoax websites of this type but most of them are geared towards iPhone and Mac users specifically. However, Avoid-error.com pretends as if it is a legitimate Google warning. Users who land on the page will be presented with a message stating that their Android smartphone has been infected with a malware threat. More specifically, the hoax website will mention that the device has already been damaged by Tor.

The fearmongering tactics continue by trying to scare the unsuspecting victim even more. Avoid-error.com states that if no action is taken, the malware threat will leak and expose the user's social media accounts, images, messages, passwords and other important data. To fix the problem, the hoax page displays a convenient button that leads to the promoted application, which typically is a barely-functional PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

When users encounter pages proliferating this scheme, they should always remember that no website can perform anti-malware scans on its own. Furthermore, even if the offered application is legitimate, they should still get it from the official app stores and not from a shady website that they stumbled upon randomly. 


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