Threat Database Rogue Websites 'Avira - Your System Was Corrupted' Scam

'Avira - Your System Was Corrupted' Scam

Rogue websites appear to be propagating a scheme that exploits the name, brand, logo, and interface design of the legitimate Avira anti-virus software product and its developer Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG. This 'Avira - Your System Was Corrupted' scam utilizes fake security warnings and fabricated claims to trick users. It must be emphasized that the Avira company has no connection to these rogue webpages.

When landing on a site running this tactic, users are likely to be immediately greeted by seriously sounding security alerts. The hoax website will pretend as if the information is coming from Avira and will claim that numerous malware threats have been identified on the user's device. These supposed viruses have even managed to mysteriously corrupt over 27% of the system. To prevent the situation from becoming even direr, users are urged to pick a scan option. However, when trying to choose such a scan, users will trigger a redirect to a promoted site.

In most cases, the fraudsters operating such rogue websites take the users to legitimate anti-malware resources and products. Their likely goal is to earn illegitimate commission fees based on any completed transactions. However, this behavior could easily be changed, and users may find themselves landing on untrustworthy or even unsafe sites, running technical support or phishing tactics, spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), etc.


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