Avast Enhanced Protection Mode

Avast Enhanced Protection Mode Description

ScreenshotAccording to our ESG malware researchers, the legitimate anti-virus program Avast has absolutely no Avast Enhanced Protection Mode. The red window displaying the message from the supposed Avast Enhanced Protection Mode is really a rogue anti-virus program. This malware application is designed to detect your anti-virus program and then display Avast Enhanced Protection Mode's red fake security alert, which matches the anti-virus on your computer. For example, other versions of this very same rogue anti-virus program include the Norton AntiVirus Enhanced Protection Mode and the Avira Enhanced Protection Mode, corresponding to the Norton and Avira anti-virus utilities.

What Does Avast Enhanced Protection Mode Do to a Computer?

Our ESG malware researchers have found that most computers infected with the Avast Enhanced Protection Mode contracted this malware infection from a fake update for Adobe Flash (probably for viewing videos online). Because of this, our ESG security researchers strongly recommend that you only update Adobe Flash directly from the manufacturer. The Avast Enhanced Protection Mode may also enter your computer through the usual means that are associated with rogue anti-virus programs (e.g. Trojans disguised as other files or spam email attachments).

The Avast Enhanced Protection Mode Rogue's Look and Design

The first sign that you have been infected with the Avast Enhanced Protection Mode is a yellowish window that displays upon start-up. This window is very similar to the pop-up usually displayed by Avast after it has finished downloading an update; it will say that Avast has updated its databases and display the current date. If you try to click on the fake Avast icon on your Taskbar, the Avast Enhanced Protection Mode will display a characteristic red window telling you that Avast is operating in "Enhanced Protection Mode" and that you are not required to do anything.

Avast Enhanced Protection Mode Tries To Make You Think Nothing's Wrong

Both of the windows that Avast Enhanced Protection Mode displays are designed to make you believe that you are still protected. In fact, Avast Enhanced Protection Mode disables your anti-virus program. This allows Avast Enhanced Protection Mode to operate undetected on your computer and, at the same time, leaves you vulnerable to other malware infections. Our ESG malware researchers strongly recommend you remove the Avast Enhanced Protection Mode immediately with a fully-updated anti-malware program. This fake anti-virus has been associated with keyloggers and Trojans that can share your personal information with a third party.

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