'Automator' Mac Virus

'Automator' Mac Virus Description

Automator is a legitimate feature that has been included in the macOS operating system for a long time. It is meant to enable users to automate tasks that may otherwise be repetitive – e.g., renaming a large number of files by following a specific pattern. While having such an automation tool is very useful, it is worth noting that macOS' Automator is considered one of Apple's operating system's most flawed features.

While Automator does not have any vulnerabilities, it can be misused by 3rd-party software that can freely add new automated tasks. Needless to say, this may be abused to tamper with the Web browser settings to trigger unwanted redirects and display advertisements. It is also possible that a more high-profile piece of malware may use the 'Automator' feature to deploy additional corrupted modules.

While there is no such thing as an 'Automator' Mac Virus, it may be worth checking the 'Automator' feature for any suspicious entries if you think your macOS system is behaving in a weird manner, especially. And suppose you do not wish to tamper with such services manually. In that case, you should simply run a reputable macOS anti-virus product, which can discover and remove potentially harmful software able to tamper with the 'Automator' service.

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