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Ranking: 2,342
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 600
First Seen: March 10, 2023
Last Seen: September 29, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows is one of the many deceptive websites that users should avoid. This website displays false virus alerts on the screen, attempting to convince visitors that their device is infected and that they need to purchase a promoted software product to remove the supposedly detected threats. The scam observed on the page is a version of the 'McAfee - Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!' scheme.

In addition to displaying these false alerts, also requests permission to display suspicious notifications, adding to its untrustworthiness. By granting permission, users may receive unwanted and potentially harmful notifications that can lead to further issues.

It is essential to note that these scams are designed to exploit users' fears and vulnerabilities, tricking them into purchasing unnecessary software or giving permission to display unwanted notifications. As such, users should be cautious when visiting unfamiliar websites and avoid clicking on suspicious links or granting permission to display notifications. Tries to Scare Visitors with Fake Security Alerts is a website that purports to scan a user's operating system for threats and displays a message claiming to have found five viruses. The website then displays a warning message stating that sensitive information, such as users' personal and banking details, is at risk of being compromised and urges users to eliminate all threats immediately.

To do this, visitors are instructed to click on the 'Start McAfee' button, which supposedly initiates a McAfee Antivirus scan. However, clicking the button takes users to an affiliate link instead. The opened page may be a legitimate McAfee site with an affiliate's ID attached to its URL. This suggests that may be operated by affiliates who try to earn commissions when someone purchases a subscription through their page.

It is crucial to note that fraudulent marketing techniques, even for legitimate software products, should not be trusted. Companies such as McAfee do not use deceptive pages to promote their products or services. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, seeks permission to display notifications, which could potentially lead to further unwanted and potentially harmful notifications.

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