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'Attention! Spyware Alert - Vulnerabilities found' Fake Message

'Attention! Spyware Alert - Vulnerabilities found' is a fake security warning displayed by Antivir Solution Pro. This warning is displayed to convince a user that he/she is infected with malware that can only be removed with the rogue Antivir Solution Pro. This is all a scam. Do not believe the 'Attention! Spyware Alert - Vulnerabilities found' warning and never click on it because it will redirect you to malicious websites.


The following messages associated with 'Attention! Spyware Alert - Vulnerabilities found' Fake Message were found:

Vulnerabilities found.
Your computer is infected by spyware ? 34 serious threats have been found while scanning your files and registry. It is strongly recommended that you disinfect your computer and activate realtime secure protection against future intrusions.
Why do you need realtime spyware protection?
Upgrade to full version of antivirus software to clean your computer and prevent new security and privacy attacks. You will be able to download daily updates and get online p

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