AssistiveUnit is a rogue software for the Mac OS, classified as adware. Like many other adware programs nowadays, AssistiveUnit also has browser hijacker capabilities. The AssistiveUnit adware is used to run intrusive advertisement campaigns on infected computers and make alterations to the browser settings, which allow it to promote fake search engines like Safe Finder (through

One of the most favored methods through which programs like AssistiveUnit can end up on a user's computer is through bundled freeware. The unsafe software is usually bundled with a useful tool or program that the user wants to install. Going fast and skipping steps in the installation process, the user might not even become aware that they had gotten some ''extra content''. Due to these shady practices, adware programs such as AssistiveUnit are also deemed as Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs).

Once it has found itself on your Mac, AssistiveUnit will enable the placement of pop-ups, banners, coupons, surveys, and other intrusive advertisements on any website the user visits. Advertisements can seriously affect the user's browsing experience by slowing down browsing speed and limiting Web page visibility.

This nuisance, however, can be the least of your trouble when dealing with programs such as AssistiveUnit—clicking on the advertisements that the AssistiveUnit adware barrages you with, can lead you to a variety of unsafe websites that can be used to push even more malware onto your system.

AssistiveUnit's browser hijacker capabilities, on the other hand, allow it to alter the user's browser settings, such as homepage, new tab/window URLs and default search engine. Redirecting traffic through the fake Safe Finder search engine allows threat actors to monitor various information about their victim, such as search queries, visited URLs, viewed pages, IP addresses, geolocations and other details. The collected data is usually sold to third parties, which often turn out to be cybercriminals.

Considering all this, AssistiveUnit is a Mac program that is best deleted as soon as its activities are noticed. Getting rid of the adware is the only way you're going to stop the spam advertisements and prevent further infections. If left unchecked, AssistiveUnit can result in severe privacy issues, financial losses and even identity theft.


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