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Arcade Parlor

By JubileeX in Adware

Arcade Parlor is a low quality Web browser extension or toolbar that has been classified by security researchers as a Potentially Unwanted Program. PUPs like Arcade Parlor may cause a wide variety of problems on affected Web browsers. Arcade Parlor in particular is promoted as a way of gaining access to numerous fun Web browser games directly from a Web browser toolbar. The purpose of Arcade Parlor is not to help you gain access to this kind of content but, rather, to expose you to advertising content and to profit at your expense. Arcade Parlor may endanger your privacy and expose your Web browser to unsafe online content. Because of this, security researchers advise the immediate removal of Arcade Parlor with the help of a reliable security application.

What is the Purpose of PUPs Like Arcade Parlor

The main purpose of PUPs like Arcade Parlor is to profit at the expense of computer users. Arcade Parlor may do this using the following tactics:

  • Arcade Parlor generates advertising revenue directly by displaying intrusive advertisements on affected Web browsers. Arcade Parlor advertisements may promote unsafe online content and may potentially expose your computer to other PUPs, more severe types of threats or by endangering the computer users' privacy. Malware researchers have associated Arcade Parlor with pop-up advertisements, banner advertisements and various other kinds of intrusive marketing material.
  • Marketers may also generate advertising revenue at the expense of computer users by forcing them to visit websites associated with Arcade Parlor repeatedly. Arcade Parlor hijacks the victim's Web browser, redirecting it to these types of low quality Web pages whenever the computer user types an address into the affected Web browser, access a link or carries out an online search. Arcade Parlor redirects raise these low quality Web pages' page ranking and traffic stats at the expense of computer users.
  • Arcade Parlor may also gather personal information about your browsing habits for use in marketing research.


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