AproditeSearch Description

The AphroditeSearch application is listed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that seems to be targeting OSX users mainly. It would appear that the AphroditeSearch tool is being propagated with free application bundles. Malware analysts have spotted that this PUP is being installed on user's systems alongside a bogus copy of Flash Player.

Many authors of malware or PUPs like the AphroditeSearch application rely on the fact that users tend to rush through the installation process of new software. This means that many users overlook important details and may end up installing a threat or a Potentially Unwanted Program like the AphroditeSearch utility. The AphroditeSearch is an adware tool that will inject unwanted advertisements into the websites you are browsing. Some of these advertisements can be very frustrating, as they may overlay important sections of the site you are browsing, which may prevent you from accessing certain parts of the page. The advertisements displayed by the AphroditeSearch tool may be hyperlinks in text, flashing banners, annoying pop-up windows, various alerts, etc. Products and services promoted by adware tend to be of low-quality or dubious origin, so it is best to avoid any interaction with the advertisements spawned by the AphroditeSearch PUP. The AphroditeSearch application also alters your Web browser's settings and replaces your default new tab page with an affiliated site, which hosts a low-end search engine. The search engine affiliated with the AphroditeSearch utility is unlikely to deliver the organic search results of your queries, as such search tools tend to prioritize sponsored results.

If the AphroditeSearch tool is present on your computer, it is advisable to remove it with the help of a genuine anti-virus application.

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