Computer users that operate on a Windows-powered computer may be intrigued to see a pop-up window from that directs them to call 855-999-2039 because their PCs are infected with Buma Stemra and SABAM. The pop-ups by may be titled '!!Malware detected!! ' and may be displayed by a browser hijacker on your PC. Therefore, you should not call 855-999-2039 and ask for help in restoring your security. The pop-ups may trigger a security alert tagged 'JS/Phish, PWS.HTML.Phish' and 'Mal/Phish-A' and you should remain calm. Security experts note that the browser hijacker is not threatening and is an adapted version of a browser hijacker that built fame by infecting Apple devices. The browser hijacker may have entered your PC with a freeware bundle, and it uses corrupted DLL files to maintain its operations.

You should check with your MSCONFIG utility to see if there are suspicious applications set to be executed when you turn on Windows. These infections are designed to rely on the JavaScrip implementation to simulate blocked Internet access and encourage users to call suspicious technical support agencies. You should note that the IP address of may be linked to rogue registry cleaners like Registry Cleaner Pro and Facebook scams. Needless to say, calling the 855-999-2039 phone line is the last thing you should do when you are presented with pop-up windows by The browser hijacker may affect Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla Firefox, and you may need to take action because your built-in browser defenses may be disabled. The browser hijacker may run from the Temp directory and be registered as an Internet adapter. A trusted anti-malware tool can scan your hard drives and remove the browser hijacker attached to