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Registry Cleaner Pro Description

Registry Cleaner Pro Image 1Registry Cleaner Pro is a harmful program that may cause severe damage to your system and collect your money. Registry Cleaner Pro is presented as a user-friendly utility that will make your computer faster and more reliable. As many people know, when installing and removing programs there are always some files left behind. Often there are traces in the Windows Registries - a database, storing a broad range of information including data about the applications. Registry Cleaner Pro claims to take care of these unnecessary files and fix any system errors, thus optimizing the functionality. However, Registry Cleaner Pro is a rogue one and doesn't possess any of the promised useful features. The scan results will show registry errors that don't exist. The operators of this unreliable software will attempt to convince you to buy the full version of Registry Cleaner Pro. Users will not receive anything in return for their money so all notifications for danger should be ignored. The best way to get rid of Registry Cleaner Pro is to download a genuine anti-malware program.

How is Registry Cleaner Pro Delivered to the Victims' Computers?

Victims of this threat state that they have never downloaded Registry Cleaner Pro and still the notifications, generated by this application, appear consistently. This is no surprise because Registry Cleaner Pro is loaded through Trojans such as Zlob or Vundo. They can easily sneak into your system in case you are not careful enough when browsing the Internet. Cyber crooks may host malware on compromised websites and use various methods in order to create Web traffic towards the page. If a user finds himself there, the threat may enter silently as a result of system vulnerabilities. It is also possible to install Registry Cleaner Pro intentionally. Some Web pages display certain animations that resemble system scan and claim your system needs the help of the provided tool. Experts advise if you have any concerns about your computer's well being to download a legitimate program from its official site.

Unfortunately, nowadays anyone can find himself on a contaminated site as the culprits are getting more and more ingenious. This is computer users should have a reliable system protection. Downloading an advanced malware removal tool will notify you of any threatening Internet sites and thus prevent harmful software from installing.

What Happens after Registry Cleaner Pro is Already Present in Your System?

If you lack a good security program and Registry Cleaner Pro manages to gain access to your system, Registry Cleaner Pro will modify the settings immediately and start itself automatically. As a result, fake results and notifications will be displayed all the time. They will be worded in a way to raise concerns about the user's privacy. If the victims click on the "Fix all errors" button, they will be transferred to a page demanding the purchase of the full version of Registry Cleaner Pro. This will be a waste of money and, even worse, the cyber crooks may obtain the data regarding the payment. They may use such a valuable information to collect all the money in the corresponding source. As an addition to the attempt to receive payment for nothing in return, Registry Cleaner Pro may serve as a threat dropper and in turn install other threatening programs. Your computer may also perform slower than usual because Registry Cleaner Pro will be running in the background at all times, seizing a significant part of the resources.

How to Deal with Registry Cleaner Pro Most Effectively?

For these reasons, it is recommended to eliminate Registry Cleaner Pro as soon as you see the first pop-up message from Registry Cleaner Pro. Unfortunately, it is not possible to uninstall Registry Cleaner Pro from the Control Panel as Registry Cleaner Pro has attached itself deep into the operational system. One of the main goals of this threat is to be as persistent as possible because the more messages Registry Cleaner Pro displays, the easier for the victim to believe in the tactic and buy its bogus program. Users should remember that there are reliable programs that can indeed take care of their registries, but Registry Cleaner Pro is not one of them. The best way to remove Registry Cleaner Pro is by the use of an up-to-date anti-spyware application. In addition to resolving this issue, it will safeguard the PC from other threats and prevent data and loss and other unpleasant results from having a threatening program.

Technical Information

Screenshots & Other Imagery

Registry Cleaner Pro Image 1 Registry Cleaner Pro Image 2 Registry Cleaner Pro Image 3 Registry Cleaner Pro Image 4

File System Details

Registry Cleaner Pro creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5
1 RegistryCleaner_Pro.exe 7,666,776 0ecff8b52e1764869a120c08b61831b6
2 Setup[1].exe 3,034,912 4fdcee2deb2051546ddb60e4c5fbb2be
More files

Registry Details

Registry Cleaner Pro creates the following registry entry or registry entries:

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