'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam

'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam Description

The 'AppleCare and Warranty' pop-up scam is a technical support tactic that, as its name suggests, is targeting Apple users. There are countless deceptive websites similar to this one, and they all operate in an identical manner virtually. All visitors who land on the page are presented with bogus claims about unspecified virus threats and are urged to call the provided number. The operator on the other end of the line is either one of the con artists or works for them.

The 'AppleCare and Warranty' pop-up scam follows the same scenario. It claims to have detected a suspicious activation on the user's device, as a result of harmful viruses. The fake warnings and the fearmongering do not end there because the bogus site also urges the users to call the provided phone to avoid further loss of data and hard drive crashes. On multiple occasions, the 'AppleCare and Warranty' pop-up scam mentions that users should not shut down or restart their computers. 

All of the information presented by the 'AppleCare and Warranty' pop-up scam is fake. No website can perform malware scans on its own. Furthermore, users should in no case call the displayed number. Doing so will expose them to various security risks. The scheme's operator can employ various social-engineering tactics to trick the user into divulging sensitive information, demand exorbitant fees for a supposed 'service' they have provided, or even ask for a remote connection to the allegedly infected computer. If granted such access, the con artists could collect files and data or deploy various malware threats such as Trojans, backdoors or ransomware. 

If you are being redirected to the 'AppleCare and Warranty' pop-up scam or any similar websites, it may be a good idea to scan your computer for any PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might have been able to sneak on it. Use a reputable anti-malware solution and remove all suspicious applications detected.