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Anubis Stealer

By GoldSparrow in Malware

The Anubis Stealer is a piece of malware that cybersecurity researchers classify as an information collector. The Anubis Stealer can be used to collect the user's data, like logins and passwords stored on Web browsers, browsing cookies, cryptocurrency wallets, credit card details and so on. Due to its capabilities, the Anubis Stealer can cause severe financial losses, as well as any other damage potentially arising from unauthorized access to various online accounts. If you have even the slightest suspicion that your computer has been infected with the Anubis Stealer, please conduct a malware scan on your PC using a reputable anti-virus program. This malware type should be removed immediately, as it can even lead to identity theft.

Malware creators have designed the Anubis Stealer to infiltrate the targeted computers stealthily and conduct its threatening activities in the background silently. Victims would not notice any specific symptoms of the infection until an actual misuse of their data appears.

In most cases, the Anubis Stealer spreads through infected attachments and spam e-mail campaigns. The infected attachments are disguised as official and important documents from legitimate institutions or organizations carefully, while the attackers use tricky social engineering techniques to persuade the user to open them. Fake software updates, compromised advertisements, and file-sharing websites also are known to distribute such malware threats.


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