Description is a fraudulent website with a single goal - to trick its visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. There are many websites virtually identical to and more are being brought into existence each day. They all conduct the same tactic and operate in the same way. Thanks to various social-engineering tactics, they manipulate users into clicking the 'Allow' button. No matter what the displayed fake alert or error messages might have implied, the only thing that will happen by clicking this button is that the websites will now have all of the permissions they require to start executing their agenda - the delivery of unsolicited advertisements to the screen of the affected device and the generation of monetary gains in the process.

By far, the most widespread deceptive method is for the tactic website to pretend to be carrying out a captcha check for bots., however, decided to use one of the other tactics. Visitors landing on the site will be presented with a video window that is buffering currently. clarifies that users will have to 'Click Allow To Continue.' Of course, following the instruction would not result in any video being played. Instead, the user will now begin to receive unwanted advertisements. Closing the affected browser will not be able to stop the advertisements whatsoever.

No matter how appealing they might seem, users should abstain from clicking on any presented advertisements. They could redirect to dubious third-party websites peddling various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), fake software updates, suspicious online games, etc. The right course of action is to revoke all of the permissions obtained by the tactic website by navigating to the appropriate 'Permissions' section inside your Web browser's Settings menu.