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By GoldSparrow in Malware

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The AnarchyGrabber threat targets Discord users exclusively. This malware is available online freely, which means that any shady individual with evil intent can download and utilize this threat. This makes the AnarchyGrabber malware a high-risk threat for Discord users, particularly.

The creators of the AnarchyGrabber malware make sure to release updates regularly so that the threat remains potent and highly effective. The new updates applied to the AnarchyGrabber threat make it far more difficult to remove than previous copies of the malware. This is because the AnarchyGrabber threat is capable of modifying the installation files of the Discord application. This is a very clever trick, which enables the AnarchyGrabber threat to remain operative even if the user has removed its files because the malware has planted its corrupted JavaScript code in the files of the Discord application itself.

The goal of the AnarchyGrabber malware is to collect the tokens of the users who log in the Discord application. The gathered data is then transferred to a Discord server, which is set up by the operators of the threat. The collected login credentials can be used for nefarious purposes, such as blackmail, online schemes, etc.

Due to its recent updates, the only way to remove the AnarchyGrabber malware from your computer is to remove the Discord application from your computer and then reinstall it again from the official website of its vendors. If you want to protect your data and your system from threats like the AnarchyGrabber malware, make sure to download and install a genuine anti-virus application. Also, do not forget to update your anti-malware suite and all other software installed on your system regularly.


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