'Americatechsupport.in' Pop-Ups

'Americatechsupport.in' Pop-Ups Description

Security investigators report that the Americatechsupport.in website is used in a phishing campaign based on fake 'BSOD: Error 333' messages that suggest users are experiencing a registry failure. Another problem that is mentioned on the Americatechsupport.in website is that users may be missing an important .NET framework file due to a cyber threat on their PCs. Americatechsupport.in is linked to a browser hijacker that presents its content on the website via pop-up windows and browser redirects. The pop-up windows by Americatechsupport.in may feature instructions to call 855-288-7162 for immediate assistance. Needless to say, you should not call 855-288-7162 because fake computer technicians may want to access your PC remotely. Users that call 855-288-7162 may be invited to install rogue registry cleaners like HDD Control and RegFix Pro that might cause irreversible damage to their file systems and OS. You should abstain from following instructions on Americatechsupport.in and decline invitations to allow unauthorized technicians remote access to your PC.

Computer users may have installed the Americatechsupport.in browser hijacker with a freeware bundle and fail to notice that the properties of their shortcut to their Internet browser have been manipulated. Additionally, the browser hijacker associated with Americatechsupport.in might change your newt tab settings in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox to redirect you to potentially harmful websites when you open a new tab. The browser hijacker linked to Americatechsupport.in might use a runtime DLL to facilitate its operations on your computer and hide its folder with a registry key in Windows. You need to use a credible anti-spyware tool to purge the Americatechsupport.in browser hijacker and restore your optimal browser settings.