Threat Database Adware 'Amazon Trial' Scam

'Amazon Trial' Scam

Another scheme, this time using Amazon's Prime Video name, is being executed by con artists to attempt to fool computer users. The tactic they are using is very common; they pretend to be doing a survey that its participants can win an iPhone13. To make the scheme more believable and to press computer users to participate, the fraudsters claim that only ten participants can win the prize and that it is a limited-time offer.

Gullible computer users that are willing to participate, will find four questions that, once answered, will redirect them to a different page where they will need to provide their email addresses and allow the page to send notifications. However, nothing good may come from these notifications because they usually are fake threat warnings, fake scan results, and may promote bogus security products and overpriced services, unnecessary technical support for fake errors, etc.

Therefore, if a pop-up promoting the 'Amazon Trial' appears on your screen, do not click on it and if you already did, it is better to scan your computer to find out the source of this pop-up and eliminate it from your computer, Otherwise, your machine can be a strong candidate to other, more serious malware infections, your personal and privileged data can fall in the wrong hands, which may end up in identity theft and other harmful problems.

The pop-up displayed by the 'AMAZON TRIAL' is:

Today , 9.8.2022 You've been randomly selected to participate in this survey. It only takes a minute and you will receive an amazing prize: Iphone 13!

As with every we are offering great prizes to 10 users. Today's prize is an Iphone 13! Only 10 lucky users, will be the will be the winners!

This survey was created to improve the services offered to our users. Your participation will be rewarded 100%!

They have 00:39:51time to close this survey.

Hurry, prices are limited!'


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