Threat Database Adware Alpha Speed Booster

Alpha Speed Booster

The Alpha Speed Booster is a browser extension that, as its name suggests, aims to help users boost the load speed of the Web pages they visit. However, once installed, it quickly becomes obvious that the Alpha Speed Booster acts as a browser hijacker and adware. Instead of modifying the browser's settings to promote a fake search engine, the Alpha Speed Booster will be responsible for opening various unwanted tabs containing dubious advertisements.

Users could find themselves presented with advertisements for suspicious applications that most likely are thinly-veiled PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Other advertisements could be trying to convince users to install unneeded or outright fake software updates. The Alpha Speed Booster also could lead to hoax websites running technical support tactics or exhibiting other dubious behavior. 

In most cases, users may not be able to remember installing the Alpha Speed Booster. The explanation for this fact is quite simple, as most applications of this type are not spread through the normal channels and instead rely on questionable distribution tactics. When it comes to the Alpha Speed Booster specifically, it is being spread via manipulative advertisements that do not mention the application's name. These advertisements are being pushed by other dubious websites. 

When dealing with PUPs, it is important to clean them completely from the system, as some may establish persistence mechanisms that allow them to come back from being seemingly deleted. That is why it is strongly recommended to use a reputable security solution to scan your computer or device. 


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