is a fraudulent online tactic that exploits social engineering methods to trick users into accepting browser notifications from a potentially unsafe website. This tactic operates through the empty website, which shows the following message when visited:

' wants to Show notifications
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

It is a misleading claim that only tries to imitate a legit CAPTCHA-verification test. Users who click on the 'Allow' button practically permit the fraudsters to send them advertising content. Any pop-up messages and other notifications generated by could contain malicious links or attachments that redirect users to other potentially dangerous places on the Internet.

We recommend deleting Alpeculian. top's permission to send you browser notifications from your settings menu. Undesired advertisements or banners appearing on your screen regularly also could signal an adware infection; therefore, you should scan your device through a reputable malware detection and removal tool.


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