Description is a mostly empty website but don't let that fool you as its only purpose is to propagate a popular browser-based scam. By employing various deceptive and fake alert or error messages, tries to trick people into subscribing to its push notification services by clicking the 'Allow' button. Doing so will give the website broad browser privileges and as a result, it would now be able to deliver unwanted and intrusive ads directly to the screen of the affected device.

Countless websites virtually identical to in functionality have already been put on the Internet and more are being created each day. The main difference between these scam websites is the scenario that they have chosen to present to their visitors., for example, displays on its page a progress bar for a supposed video accompanied by the following message:

Click in Allow to continue

The ads generated by the website may severely diminish the browsing experience on the affected device by starting to cover the legitimate content viewed by the user or cause slow-downs of the web browser itself. Furthermore, users should abstain from engaging with any of the displayed ads or risk getting redirecting to suspicious or potentially unsafe third-party websites. Phishing pages, tech support scams, domains spreading various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are oftentimes promoted through such methods.