Threat Database Browser Hijackers is considered to be a fraudulent website that carries out numerous dubious activities. can present deceptive advertisements, carry out push-notification tactics, generate intrusive pop-up windows, etc. One of the functionalities of the site that affects mostly iPhone users involves the creation of unwanted events that are then added to the Calendar application. 

These Calendar events could diminish the user experience on the affected device severely, as new ones will be added every couple of hours. The text of the events is designed specifically to entice, scare, or otherwise trick the user into engaging with them. Some possible lines include:

● Viruses on your iPhone ?! Clean them NOW

● Its your lucky day

● You have (1) Awaiting packaging

● The phone is not protected! Click to protect

● Make sure your Online Protection, Click Now!

● Who Wants a Free Apple Music Subscription?

● (1) Congratulations, you won!

● Erase your iPhone from attacks!

The headlines clearly show that the advertisements generated by are promoting PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), as well as potential phishing, lottery and survey tactics.

Users are strongly advised against interacting with any of the advertisements. 


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