Ahorrememoria is a fake defragmenter that is designed to scam the Hispanic community. Following the same pattern of attack as well known rogue defragmenters such as HDD Fix and System Doctor, Ahorrememoria attempts to convince its victims that the infected computer contains severe problems that can only be fixed by purchasing a useless 'full version' of Ahorrememoria. The name 'Ahorrememoria' comes from the two words in Spanish 'Ahorre', which means 'save', and 'Memoria', which translates as memory. Despite its claims to help its users 'save memory', Ahorrememoria has absolutely no way of fixing your computer system. In fact, computer systems running Ahorrememoria will often have severe memory problems, since this rogue defragmenter uses up substantial amounts of system resources such as memory and processing power. Ahorrememoria claims to be the best security program in existence; do not believe its lies. According to ESG security researchers, Ahorrememoria is designed to do nothing more than to display alarming error messages and to prompt its victims constantly to visit Ahorrememoria's website so that they can purchase a registration code for this useless application. ESG malware analysts recommend using a reliable anti-malware application to remove Ahorrememoria from your computer system. You should distrust any program claiming that it can help streamline your computer's performance immediately, as this is often a tactic that criminals use in order to install malware onto their victim's computers. Any defragmenter or system optimizer should come from a reputable source that has been thoroughly researched beforehand.

How Ahorrememoria Scams Its Victims

The Ahorrememoria scam is quite simple. This fake security program deliberately causes a number of problems on the victim's computer and then pretends that these problems were already there and that they can be fixed with Ahorrememoria's help. Some problems that Ahorrememoria causes include a constant stream of error messages and system alerts, severe performance problems, browser redirects and no access to the computer user's own files. Ahorrememoria is usually installed without the computer user's authorization, through a Trojan dropper or downloader. Trojan infections known to distribute Ahorrememoria include the Zlob Trojan and the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojan. Both of these Trojan infections display a fake error message, claiming severe memory problems and prompting the victim to download Ahorrememoria as a way to solve these problems. Accepting download results of Ahorrememoria taking over your computer system, essentially will keep it hostage until you agree to pay what Ahorrememoria demands for its useless registration code.

File System Details

Ahorrememoria may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. ahorrememoria.exe


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