Ahmed Minegames Ransomware

Ahmed Minegames Ransomware Description

At first glance, the Ahmed Minegames Ransomware may appear to be a typical ransomware threat. The Ahmed Minegames Ransomware acts like one certainly - it infiltrates the target computer and generates a pop-up screen that blocks the desktop with a message that all of the user's 'files, photos and exe files' have been encrypted. To decrypt their data, victims are supposed to contact the criminals behind Ahmed Minegames, obtain the right password, and then input it in the lock screen window. A countdown timer is included in the message to create a sense of urgency. 

Fortunately for all who have been affected by this particular threat, Ahmed Minegames does NOT have any encryption capabilities, and all of the files stored on the computer are still there unaffected. As for the password, it is 'minegames321' and it works on Ahmed Minegames instances. The lack of encryption, the singular password, and the missing channel for communication in the ransom message could signify that the current versions of the threat are either released in a test run or are still being developed. And while current victims of Ahmed Minegames can deal with the aftermath of the threat's infection easily, that could change quite drastically if future versions when a complete set of ransomware capabilities are released. 

The text found in the pop-up window generated by Ahmed Minegames Ransowmare reads:

'All your Files Encrypted with the Ahmed Minegames Ransomware

your files,photos,exe files, all of them encrypted

guess the password



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