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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The domain is registered at the IP address and is designed to offer technical support hoaxes that are specially made for customers of KOMiNVEST Solutions Ltd. from South Africa. Computer users in the Republic of South Africa that install free program setup files with the 'Typical' or 'Express' option may install a browser hijacker as well. The browser hijacker linked to is equipped with an HTML page that is designed to look like a BSOD message and invite users to call 0404-0119-8952. The browser hijacker may show fake BSOD messages in German, Afrikaans and South African English that inform users of a possible infection on their PCs.

The fake BSODs messages from are not designed to resemble genuine BSODs apart from the blue background color and font. Moreover, the '' pop-ups may feature advertisements from online stores. It seems that the developers behind the browser hijacker aim to earn revenue from the bogus technical support offered on 0404-0119-8952 and ad networks as well. The browser hijacker might edit the properties of shortcuts for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox to make sure that infected users load the content from first. The Web page is rigged with JavaScript that is programmed to display messages as long as the user's browser is opened.

All messages from, regardless of the language setting, state that the visitors' computers are infected, and their Facebook accounts and photos are in danger. Active social media users should not be fooled by the messages from and need to know that browser hijackers cannot endanger social media accounts. However, the browser hijacker associated with may redirect users to phishing pages and welcome them to download riskware like 1ClickMovieDownloader and BatBrowse. Additionally, the 0404-0119-8952 is not associated with a legitimate technical support agency. A renowned anti-malware application can complete the task of cleaning your computer from the browser hijacker related to and restore your optimal browser settings.


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