is a deceptive website that is being operated by unscrupulous people to run various online and browser-based tactics. Users who land on the page should not trust any of the messages displayed there.

Infosec researchers have observed the page trying to trick visitors into downloading various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), mainly adware. The site displays fake warning messages about the user's computer being infected by numerous viruses. The site will then try to scare the unsuspecting users into downloading and installing the promoted PUP under the pretense that it is a security solution. Another scheme involves bogus claims that the users' Adobe Flash Player is outdated and they should download and install the provided updater immediately. also could try to trick its visitors into subscribing to its push notification services so that it can deliver unwanted and intrusive advertisements via the affected browsers. The site shows a fake alert message stating that the user cannot watch a supposed video due to browser restrictions. The instructions displayed by the dubious page urge users to click the Allow button. The fake messages also may include ones claiming that the only way to close the page is to click the same Allow button. In both cases, what happens is that the user will grant broad browser permissions to the hoax Web page unwittingly.

Keep in mind that could be opened in your browser forcefully by adware or other PUPs. If you notice persistent redirects to this website, you should scan your computer with a professional security solution as soon as possible.


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