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AESDDoS Botnet

By GoldSparrow in Botnets

Vulnerabilities can go undetected by security experts for some time. However, cybercriminals are always looking for them as a way to deliver their harmful threats. This is the case with the AESDDoS Botnet that is delivered via a vulnerability discovered in two team collaboration products by 'Confluence, named CVE-2019-3396, which although was patched on March 20, still being used because many computer users didn't have the habit of patching bugs on their software. The delivers a threatening payload that can collect information about the computer and its user, initiate DDoS attacks, and mine cryptocurrency.

Security experts never get tired of recommending to computer users to keep their software updated because the updates can fix bugs and vulnerabilities among other benefits. Therefore computer users that follow the security experts recommendations do not need to worry about been infected by a threat like the AESDDoS Botnet. However, the ones that do not do it or do not have a good anti-malware installed and running on their machines can find themselves facing a lot of troubles since threats as threatening as the AESDDoS Botnet can enter their machines at any time.


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