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If your security software indicates that an Adware:Win32/Vonteera infection is present in your computer, this usually indicates that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) has been installed on your machine, often in the form of a Web browser toolbar. The Adware:Win32/Vonteera name is usually applied by specific security programs which include Norton Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender. The Adware:Win32/Vonteera infections are not considered to be especially risky since they are not difficult to remove. However, this does not mean that they are not extremely irritating due to the many symptoms that are often associated with Adware:Win32/Vonteera. Common symptoms of Adware:Win32/Vonteera infections include frequent advertisements, toolbars on your Web browser and unauthorized changes made to your Web browser's settings.

Adware:Win32/Vonteera May Interfere Negatively with Your Activity

Adware:Win32/Vonteera is classified as a PUP, meaning that Adware:Win32/Vonteera is not a worm, Trojan or virus. However, Adware:Win32/Vonteera has several unwanted symptoms which may interfere with the computer user's activities. Many symptoms of Adware:Win32/Vonteera are also found in extremely risky threats such as the Sirefef rootkit. The main purpose of Adware:Win32/Vonteera is to generate advertisement revenue, increasing the traffic to websites associated with this threat and displaying sponsored marketing links on the computer user's Web browser. Some ways in which Adware:Win32/Vonteera generates revenue is by directing computer users to its associated websites, gathering information about your online activity and changing your homepage and default search engine to websites associated with the Adware:Win32/Vonteera infection

How Adware:Win32/Vonteera is Distributed

The main way in which Adware:Win32/Vonteera infections are distributed is by bundling them with freeware software. During the installation process, computer users often overlook the option to opt out of installing Adware:Win32/Vonteera, which often takes the form of a Web browser toolbar that is promoted as a helpful add-on. PUPs like Adware:Win32/Vonteera may be quite common on software download websites that are poorly regulated and that have custom installers. This is because one common tactics to distribute Adware:Win32/Vonteera is to take popular freeware programs and then to rebundle them with Adware:Win32/Vonteera and a custom installer. To avoid Adware:Win32/Vonteera infections, ESG security analysts advise paying special attention to the installation process to ensure that no unwanted components accompany your newly-installed software. It is often advisable the utilization of a custom installation rather than the default settings so that you have control over exactly what is being installed.


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