Adware.MacOS.InstallCore Description

InstallCore (Adware.MacOS.InstallCore) is the name of a free tool designed to serve as an installation platform for browser extensions and add-ons, ultimately enhancing your overall browsing experience. Available for both Windows and Mac systems, InstallCore promises to turn browser lags into a thing of the past. However, you may not necessarily know when and how InstallCore will land on your Mac, which is why some AV solutions detect it as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA).

The Act of Bundling

InstallCore often comes packaged with other pieces of freeware. Software bundles prompt users to go for an en block-type installation. As a result, one may end up installing every tool included in the package, whether they've noticed it. That's how PUAs find their way onto a PC system, and that's how InstallCore does the same. Once inside a Mac, InstallCore starts performing many annoying operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Generating countless ads, pop-ups, banners, and sponsored links.
  • Rerouting the web browser to potentially malicious websites.
  • Collecting browsing history and sending it to affiliates.
  • Slowing down browser and system performance.

Even if you have no notion you’ve caught the InstallCore adware on your Mac, the app will make sure you learn of its presence. The ads won't stop flooding the system, and neither will the risks associated in addition to that. Moreover, they'll cater to your interests based on the data collected from your browsing history.

Meanwhile, Someone's Monetizing

The sole reason why adware tools such as InstallCore exist has to do with monetization. That's a technique that brings advertisers pay-per-click revenue every time an individual Mac user follows a sponsored link generated by InstallCore. Therefore, what seems like a useful browsing feature often turns out to lead to a suspicious web survey, site, or link. The more links you click, the more cluttered your desktop will become. Eventually, what starts as a low-level adware annoyance may turn your web browsing experience into a nightmare.

Cracking the Tough Nut

Adware tools allow exploiters to earn some easy money on the backs of unsuspecting computer users. That's why they've made sure to make adware such as InstallCore as persistent as it could be. As a result, getting rid of adware often does not meet with success, especially if you delete it manually. A reliable anti-malware solution, on the other hand, could beat the odds most of the time.

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