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Advanced Identity Protector

The Advanced Identity Protector is a program that is marketed via hxxp://advancedidentityprotector[.]com/ and free software packages as a security product, which is aimed at privacy-centric PC users. The Advanced Identity Protector application is developed by Systweak Software, and it is stated to scan Web browsers, emails, the Registry and delete and encrypt data securely, as well as wipe traces of personal information. Users who are looking for a safe way to store their passwords and make sure their browser is free of spying extensions and ad-powered toolbars may consider installing the Advanced Identity Protector desktop application. You should note that the Advanced Identity Protector is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

Systweak Software is not a Gold Certified Developer by Microsoft as you are lead to believe on hxxp://advancedidentityprotector[.]com/. We have been monitoring riskware deployed by Systweak Software for several years now. The browser hijacker was used to promote the Systweak Support Dock, and the Advanced File Optimizer software is known to show misleading scan results to convince users to buy its premium version. Unfortunately, the Advanced Identity Protector may behave the same way, and there are complaints of scary alerts generated by the software. Computer security analyst who tested the Advanced Identity Protector found many similarities with the Identity Protector by Pcvark Software Pvt. Ltd. Both applications used ambiguous information and listed temporary Internet files as threats to your privacy. You may want to avoid installing the Advanced Identity Protector by Systweak Software. Purchasing the premium version of can set you back with 29,95 USD, and you might find troubling that the seller is not Systweak Software, but Cleverbridge AG, which does not support a money-back policy. AV scanners flag the files associated with the Advanced Identity Protector as:

  • PUP.Optional.SysTweak
  • PUP.Riskware.Systweak
  • TROJ_GEN.R002H0CKN17
  • W32.HfsAdware.90C3
  • W32/Application.FUKF-1040
  • Win32.Application.Systweak.M
  • malware (ai score=91)


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