Website publishers often use advertising services like to generate revenue on their sites. Unfortunately, in some cases, threatening programs generate revenues by redirecting users to websites like without the publisher's permission. advertisements usually promote unwanted chrome extensions, fake surveys, adult websites, dubious online games, fake software updates and other potentially harmful tools and applications.

The pop-ups can show up on a computer because a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) has sneaked in without any notice. That is the case when the advertisements appear continuously, and it is impossible to turn them off, especially. Also, affected users may have visited some unsafe website that has been designed to redirect to this page accidentally.

Such behavior of a browser leads to a decreased browsing experience and endangers the affected device's safety. Most PUPs likely have data tracking abilities and collect sensitive personal and financial details. The data can be sold to third parties subsequently while victims of this scheme risk severe financial losses, privacy issues and even identity theft. Users can prevent such an unfortunate outcome by running a thorough malware scan with a reliable anti-virus program and removing any detected issues.

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