ActionHow Description

ActionHow advertises itself as a useful application that will bring an improved browsing experience to users by supposedly speeding up search times and delivering more accurate search results. The truth, however, is that ActionHow is classified as an adware-type application designed to run intrusive and annoying advertising campaigns on the devices it is installed on. 

While adware and adware-type applications do not represent a direct danger to the system, such applications should still be removed as soon as possible. The advertisements they generate can lead to a severely diminished user experience, as they could cause browser slow-downs and even start to cover the legitimate content viewed by the user. In addition, the advertisements could redirect to dubious or compromised third-party websites. Users could potentially be exposed to paged running phishing tactics or technical support schemes. They also could land on domains promoting various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or suspicious online gaming portals. 

Applications from the same type as ActionHow, also have been observed to monitor the user's browsing activities. Among the information they target are the browsing and search histories, clicked URLs, IP address, geolocation and more. All harvested data could then be uploaded to remote servers and sold to third parties.