Threat Database Browser Hijackers '855-337-003' Pop-Ups

'855-337-003' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The '855-337-003' pop-ups may be generated on the computers of users that are infected with a browser hijacker and open a corrupted link. The '855-337-003' pop-ups are phishing messages that are engineered to function like a BSOD error screen. The '855-337-003' pop-ups may be rigged with a unique JavaScript that prevents the browser from closing, opening a new tab and switching to already opened tabs. Users that experience the '855-337-003' messages might be stuck on a single Web page and will need to utilize the Windows Task Manager to terminate their browser's process. The browser hijacker at hand may be delivered to users as a plug-in that you may install with riskware such as FlowSurf and iToolbox. The '855-337-003' pop-ups are tailored to resemble a BSOD and feature the following text on a dark blue background:

'BSOD: DllRegisterServer may have failed with the code 0x80040204
Potential PC Defender Error
Potential Error Code 0xd800903n3 when starting PC Defender
Potential PC Defender Time Out Error code 0xd800903n3.
Potential Error code 0xd800903n3 when trying to open PC Defender'

Users will be presented with a notification in the foreground that looks like an internal message from Windows that will state:

'You may have suspicious activity on your PC.
Please Contact Technical PC Support for immediate help:
+1-855-337-003 (toll-free)
Please contact Technical Support and have your Computer ID (82549) ready to resolve the potential issue.
Do not open any additional Internet browser to avoid possible data corruption on the registry of your operating system. Contact certified PC technicians at Toll-free Helpline +1-855-337-0031.
Do not shut down or restart the computer. Doing that may lead to data loss and possible failure of your operating system, potentially causing a non-bootable situation resulting in complete data loss. Contact certified PC support technicians immediately to resolve the issue at +1-855-337-0031.
Contact Certified PC Support to rectify the issue.'

Security experts remind users not to trust these messages and avoid calling the 855-337-003 phone line. You will not find certified technicians on the 855-337-003 phone number and may talk with a con artist that aims to convince you that your credit card details may be stolen. PC users that call 855-337-003 may be welcomed to subscribe to a premium service for protection against cyber threats like Chthonic and Tilon. However, you should not spend money on services provided via the 855-337-003 phone line. The browser hijacker on your machine can be dispatched with a trustworthy anti-malware tool.


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